Is it possible to import .mp4 file into the module?

I want to put my .mp4 file in the screen and play it. But I'm not sure what is my next move, as you can see the above images.

If you know how to import .mp4 file and put it in the screen, I'd like you to tell me about it!

The third image is the video of the .mp4 file that i want to import.

I have attached the file "attached" including .oml file and my .mp4 file.

 I'd appreciate it if you could take a look and tell me about how to make this happen.


Hello Tsubasa,

I noticed over the last days that you keep asking same question in new posts, if you have an additional question regarding a response on a post please add it to that post and do not create a new one.

Your original post was :

In that post two OutSystems developers gave you answers, did you try those? As I think both answers should lead to a working solution. So I suggest you try read the orignal post and try out the alternatives presented.

Then when you encounter a problem while trying, put your question in the original post.