Deleting items in a list and trying to stay where the item was deleted

Hi everyone,

So I have a list with 50+ items on it, and the list is sorted by date and then by hour.

Then I select an item to delete it, the item gets deleted, but then the list updates and goes to top again.

Like for ex: 

I want to delete the item with the Id of 23, which so be around the middle of the list. It gets deleted, and then the list goes back to the top, with is like the Id 57.  (Id 1 = oldest)

What I want to achieve is when an item gets deleted the list automatically goes back to the place where that items was.

A real ex is the chrome history if you want to see what I mean.




Are you doing a full page refresh??

A way you could possibly achieve what you want is by doing an ajax refresh, first you woukd refresh the data that populates the list and then you would do a refresh on the List widget. 

There is even the possibility to refresh an individual row using Ajax Refresh for a List widget.


Hi Tiago, 

1. Call the screen action where the Delete happens using Ajax Submit method. 

2. After using the Delete entity action, use the ListRemove action. Pass the TableRecords list to it and the TableRecords List.CurrentRowNumber as the line to be removed (the row number to remove, not the ID of the record). 

This will perform an Ajax Refresh removing the line and I think it will not move the list. 


I'm sorry for the late response,

I'm still a newbie in outsystems, so I don't know where I can find the Ajax Submit method; do I have to download it from the "Forge" or is it already on outsystems it self?


Hi Tiago, 

It is very important to finish the online training on Web development. Those concepts are explained there. 

When you define a button or link to call a Screen Action, the button or link have a property that is the method. It can be Navigate, Submit or Ajax Submit. 


Hey Eduardo,

From what I've seen Ajax its only available on Web development and  not on Mobile development as I wanted.

Just for you to know, I had started the online training, but I started the mobile one.

So I was wondering if you have an ace up on your sleeve that could what you said before but on a mobile environment.



Hi Tiago,

there really are not sleeves and aces involved here, just going through the learning material available, like Eduardo said.  Can you share your oml to show what exactly you are doing?  

I have made some example app, and when deleting an item from the database and refreshing the list, by default on mobile the list stays where it was, doesn't go back to the top.  So you are probably doing something extra or different that gives you the unwanted behaviour.

see attached zip with 2 oml, one web app to create test data, and one mobile app with 2 list versions, one using a webblock and the other not.  Both are staying on the right spot after deleting a row from the list.

Maybe compare this to what you are doing,