Create Or Update All Action Hangs

Hi All,

I am encountering an issue with the out-systems generated "Create Or Update All ...." client action. What I have found is that when testing on an old Samsung Galaxy Tab (about 5 years old) the device will hang when the code reaches the "Create Or Update All ...." action. This only seems to occur only on older devices and when the records being created are larger than 5Mb in size. 

When running the same sync pattern (automatically generated by Out Systems) the device does not hang on the "Create Or Update All...
 action when the record is larger than 5Mb. Can someone please advise why I may be experiencing this? Our organisation have about 50 of these Samsung tablets and it would not be ideal to upgrade this many assets simply because the outsystems provided action cannot efficiently run on the older devices. 

I have also checked that these is ample storage available on the device to fit the local storage records, further more there is about 600Mb free on the device so we are also not running out of RAM. 

I would appreciate anyones thoughts.  

Hi Anthony,

Years ago i developed a WebApp(not outsystems) to run on IPads and Galaxy Tabs. I than noticed that the amount of storage available for the different local storage types (local storage, session storage, SQL Lite) was different per OS and even different per browser.

The fact that you have 600Mb free on the device does not tell you how much space is available for your app.

Also maybe of importance is with MABS version you have build your mobile app, as your tabled is not on the latest Android version.



HI Anthony Phan,

Please make the length of the listed data smaller than actual data and then make the bulk update. By breaking or dividing you can get the result without the problem. I think it will help you.

Thank you