Lifetime analytics doesn't show data of client acess. In service center don't have any error can help to solve the problem. Any help?


João Henrique

Hi João,

Did you switch on the Environment Monitoring Status for your environment?

If you click on configuration on the analytics screen you can set it per environment.



Hello Daniel. Yes it's on for this environment.


João Henrique

I noticed in your screen print in the upper right corner that selection is today.

Did you try to set it on last month or custom for a larger date period, and do you than still see no data?

In the environment in which you have lifetime running you should see logging on LifeTimeAnalytics module, could you check the timer log for HarvestAndGroupData? 

If we put last month or week, we have data only for a few days. Here is the timer logs.


João Henrique

Ok as far as I can see the timer runs nicely every 15 minutes.

I am running out of what could be wrong, the only other thing, which is probably not something you did, is exclude specific applications from monitoring, did you?

Hi. No, all aplications with monitoring enable.

When i reinstall service center of lifetime, analytics works for a while with some applications.

Sorry I don't know, you could create a support case at OutSystems or call them.