I am able to debug my application in Dev environment using mobile device after enable USB debugging and developer options in my device.

same application will open testing/Non production environment in that unable to debug the appliction via same mobile device.

More ever except that environment i am not able to proceed to debu mobile application even my personal environment as well.

Create new mobile application in Personal enviornment event unable to debug mobile application via mobile device after choosing android device

Android Device

Do you have debugging enable on non-dev environment?

Check out Debug Mode option in Environment configuration setting for the said environment https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Setting_Up_OutSystems/Configure_your_OutSystems_environment

Hi All,

Thanks for your response.

In personsl environment i could able to debug while using chrome option for testing my application

Now i have enable android debug insted of chrome for testing my mobile application in that debug is not working and device is not detected hence unable to test mobile application via android mode.

FYI: MY enterprise account (office environment) mobile testing able to perform chrome and android

Same device same USB Cable same system only different is environment