Trouble using the Image Editor Plugin, manifest file related issue

I've been stuck with this for a few days now and I'm still unable to solve this.

This is what I found in the error log in my platform service center (OS 11)

 The plugin I'm trying to use is Image Editor Plugin, the error happens even when I tried using the sample app introduced in the plugin page.

As I've checked in the repository being used in this plugin, there was no manifest.json file under the /www/ path, and I've checked some documentation regarding using cordova plugins and wasn't able to find anything about creating a

Thank you very much!

Hello Bao,

You will get the best answer if you ask your question on the particular plugin itself. Since this is really related to that component, asking in the component forum will notify the team that created the component and is most knowledgable.


Yes, I tried to but haven't gotten the answer yet so I'm posting on the forum for a stroke of luck...