While scrolling a list clicks are registered on the wrong elements


In our mobile app we have a scrollable lists with onclick event attached to list items.  If you scroll and do not wait till elastic scroll effect/animation stops and click event is registered for the element that was on that position before scrolling was started. So if I have 5 elements per screen and there are 100 elements in the list when scrolling few screens and click on top element click is registered on element 1 instead of 6, 2 instead of 7 and so on. If you wait till scroll animation stops - all is working correctly.

disable-virtualization true or false doesn’t have effect… moving click event from inner block to list-element either(

Hey Nick! 

By saying that you have the elastic animation I'm assuming that this is happening on iOS right?

That's unfortunately how iOS works, it only re-renders the screen after the scroll animation.. There are was for disabling that elastic/bounce effect but then the scroll will get sloppy..

Let's see if someone comes with a proper solution for this.


Hi Miguel :) Nice hear from you :)

It seems like a bug in the list widget as it should be work as native element and on iOS when scroll is in progress touch/click event triggers first stop of the scroll and only then allow click on elements.