intranet / extranet and OutSystems Now

I'm having some issues connecting my webapp on OutSystems Now  (it's a webapp with only 1 flow for mobile screens)

If the extranet url works on the browser, why it doesn’t work on the OutSystems Now app?

Extranet URL

- Test URL works (https)

- Production URL doesn’t – but I can open it in the browser

Intranet URL

- In Browser works – I installed VPN , proxy… 

- In OutSystems Now doesn’t

Do you have a clue of what could be? Which information the network team needs to change on the https settings to make Production work like the Test url?

And I should be able to connect using the intranet (with the VPN)

Thank you for your time!

Have you checked for errors in Service Center? That may help to find the IP used and debug the error.

Hi Carolina,

As shown in the error image (nicely described), it's connection issue.

You need to make sure you have an OutSystems Now version on your environment server that is recent enough.