I am trying to validate input on button click in client and have some issues with that.

Is my screen I have few sets of input and button, rendered using List Records:

Each field has "Mandatory" validation (and another "custom validation", but the issue happens with or without the custom validation)

Each button Method is "Ajax Submit".

Now, when clicking on a button I want to validate only the input that related to it (the one that is in it's right)

When I set Validation of the button to "Client & Server" all inputs are been validated in client.

Is there a way to validate only the specific input in client and not the entire page?


Hello Batel, 

For sure, not using a single Form. The logic to validate client side will validate all inputs in the form. 

If you isolate the inputs in their own Form, maybe inside a Web block, then yes, but this create other problems. 

See here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/48562/multiple-forms-on-a-screen/

And here: