I'm working on a project which requires my outsystems backend to implement a websocket client.
Meaning, some kind of service on the server side has to open a websocket connection and receive and parse messages from it to outsystems database. It is basically system integration through websocket.

Now, how can this be implemented? I have experimented with an extention and the 'websocketsharp' dll library, but this doesnt work, because an extention is (I believe) a single thread that only runs once (when called). So can this be done with starting a websocket listener thread that runs as some kind of service or ??


Hi Patricia,

There is plenty to find on google regarding WebSockets and OutSystems. Also the Forge has several PoC as wel components that integrate for web and mobile with for example Pusher and FireBase.

But most if not all are based on OutSystems being the client and using something else as the websocket server lik e pusher or firebase. I doubt if you can achieve what you want with OutSystems.

Is it not an option to use pusher or firebase? and integrate that with your application.




Daniël thanks for the reply.
Ofcourse there are third party solutions but they are an extra link in the chain. Most ideal would be that the solution could be done in Outsystems. I have researched it but found no other option then use a third party or custum solution (e.g. nodejs on a vm) to do the client side websocket.