Hi everyone!

I was wondering, is there a way of cycling through a record?

Let me explain why. I have a csv file where the records have over 50 columns in them, don't ask me why, it is what it is. So I need to replace some special characters, being one of them "#". I could use the Replace() function, no problem. But the problem is that the special character appears in almost all of the columns, and in another csv file too, but with a different set of columns.

So, what i'm hoping to achieve is a way to work smarter, by building a logic where I can replace all of those characters without worrying about the amount of columns, and save the results in a temp record list for download.

Hope I could explain myself. TIA.

Hello Moisés, 

Not directly in OutSystems. You would have to create an extension to do that. 

I think it is easier to simply perform the changes in the CSV files prior to upload them, or create logic to make the replacements in the CSV as text, before processing them. 

Hope this helps.