[XML Records] Use of XML config

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Published on 25 Nov (12 days ago) by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 25 Nov (12 days ago) by Afonso Carvalho

Hi there,

I have an XML file that is full of node names with dots in the names, like:





These node names does not process as the corresponding attribute name in the structure converts . in _ so they are not recognized.

So I am trying with XMLConfig, from the examples I have seen I tried to do the AttributeXmlConfig with AttributeConfig.Name as "inp_bsn" and AttributeConfig.AttributeName = "inp.bsn", for all dotted node names.

Somehow I am not able to convert the inp.bsn from the XML to the inp_bsn of the structure attribute.

I attached an OML to show where I am at.

Thanks ahead,



Hi Wilco,

you were nearly there !  I just added one assign statement setting the recordname for the recordxmlconfig to 'Object', and now it picks up xml nodes <inp.bsn> and puts the value in inp_bsn attribute of object.

See attached the amended oml, I made some other changes for easier testing, and I took a guess at how the actual xml could look like for a test example.

Hope this solves it for you,



Dorine hi,

Thanks so much for your help. Now i can go on to do more 'StUF'.