How to gain access to OutSytems project Sizing Tool to estimate project budgets and its planning?

Does it support different versions of the Agile Platform which we can associate to our Sizings? 

Clicking on Platform > Project Sizing leads to Invalid Permissions page.


You also asked this as part of old thread, I already answered there. 

It is not platform version specific tool.



Hi Daniel,

I posted the question, then noticed there was a very old post as well, but unanswered. Let's take this one here.

Daniël Kuhlmann wrote:

The tool can not be downloaded, it is part of the OutSystems partner side.

So you need to work for OutSystems partner to get access to it. Then you need to be within your company to the person that has access to the OutSystems partner site. He or she can then authorize you to use the tool.

I have access to the partner site. I manage the team, deals, company information, licensing and platform on the partner site, but clicking on sizing leads to no permission :(

Hi Swatantra,

On the page you can see what permissions you have, 

You need to have Manage team members, their permissions and certifications permission to change permissions.

You need to have Manage deals - leads, opportunities, quotes and marketing funds in order to use the project sizing tool.



Hi Daniel,

As mentioned in my last post, I do have access to team and deals both, but still can't access the Sizing tool

Maybe it is then time to contact OutSystems and ask them why you dont have access.

Thanks Daniel. I created the support ticket yesterday and was bit impatient. I'm yet to hear from them. I should wait for there response.

If your cannot wait you can also call them.

I've been informed by OutSystems support (on my request to access), that they are discontinuing SizingTool.

The access to new members has already been stopped, and for existing access, it has been planned to revoke by end of this year.

So, no more Sizing tool.