I got a question about Load Balancer behavior.

Currently in Production environment we have 2 Front end Servers (FE1 & FE2) and a Load Balancer pointing to FE1 has default.

If we create 2 Deployment Zones (Zone 1 and Zone 2) and define like:

Zone 1 - FE1 

Zone 2 - FE2 with App "A"

What is the behavior of the load balancer when we try to access "App A" ? Will it go straight to "Front-end 1" (since is the load balancer's default) and see that "App A" isn't there and send me to "Front-end 2", or it will return an error and stop?



Hi Gonçalo,

That depends of the configuration and type of Load Balancer that you have.

A Layer 4 Load Balancer, according to the policy configured (round robin, least connections or ip hash), will redirect the request to a server, where it is handled by IIS. If the Virtual directory (your eSpace) isn't there, IIS will return a 404 error. Here, the LB has no idea of how your deployment zones are organized.

A Layer 7 Load Balancer allows more complex decisions. For example, you can redirect the LB to a specific server depending on the virtual directory of the request, making your scenario possible.

Best regards,

Ricardo Dias