Projects are so slow to upload and download

Hi Comunity...

I have a lot of projects in my development environment, but in the last two days one of them took too much time or times out of time to upload to the development environment, something that doesn't happen in other projects.Besides, every time I entered this project recently, I would report an error. I am not sure whether it has anything to do with this problem.

What should I do

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Leon Liang

Hi Leon,

The main cause of projects taking a long time to upload and download is their size.

Trying checking if there are any large resources or images in the module that can be removed, or moved into a separate module and referenced.

If that isn't the case, some more information would be useful to help track down the issue.  Such as if this module ever loaded quickly and what changes have been made between it loading quickly versus slowly.

As for the errors, it would be best to open a support case with OutSystems to identify the problem.

I hope this helps!

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You could also try increasing the short and long operation timeouts to try and rule out any connection speed issues.

You can find this under Edit -> Preferences in Service Studio