Remove Original Login function of OutSystems

I'm wondering if you can remove the original OutSystems Login function.

The page in QAList Tab in browser is the Web screen "NEWQA".

As you can see the above images, I want to make NewQA screen that the user can access the QAList screen.

BTW, when the user logins to the QAList screen , you will get a link to the page like the last insert image.

I'd appreciate it if you could tell me about how to make that happen. I need your help.

Also, I have attached the .oml file I'm using. I' d like you to check for the details if you like.

Best regards,


Hi Tsubasa,

In order to allow a user to access the screen without asking for login, you can set the Roles property of the screen to "Anonymous". 

I can see you already have done this for NormalScreen and WeakPoints. You may want to set the same property for QA and QADetail.

I hope this helps.