As you can see the above insert image, you'll notice the message saying "loading".

This is what happens when I try to press the Hint and Answer buttons.

I want  this kinf of message not to display when clicking buttons.....

I wonder how I make this possible......I'm not sure.....

I'd like you to tell me about the cause if you know anything about that.

Also, I have attached my .oml file here so that you can see the details about this issue.

I was wondering if you could take a look at it and check for some parts causing the issue.

If you have any questions,feel free to ask me!

Best regards,

What version of the platform are you using? (looks like P10 with SilkUI and Lisbon theme, but want to be sure)

What version of Service Studio?

Does the message appear when you click normal buttons (i.e. not implemented using a container)?

I downloaded your sample OML, which clarified that you're using OS11.

But the OML does not appear to be the same as the screenshots you show above, and it has errors that prevent me from testing the issue you report.

Can you see if you can create a very simple example that reproduces the behavior, and upload that as an OML?

After further investigation, I think this could be related to the Background Video module you're using. Try removing that, or create a repro without that component, and see if you still have the same issue. I have a feeling there may be some CSS conflicts going on.