[Segment] Is this available for MOBILE?

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Published on 2015-11-04 by Stacey Levine
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Published on 2015-11-04 by Stacey Levine

Hi Stacey,

Looks like this plugin is present for WEB.

Can you please let us know whether it can be useful for MOBILE platform?


Umesh Kulkarni

Hi Umesh,

Per compnonet page, it's for web and was last published 4 years ago (OutSystems 9). Shouldn't you evaluate other components? As in last couple of years, lot of APIs from Google Analytics and Salesforce both has also changed.

Hi Swatantra,

Sorry I did not get your question. Are you suggesting that we should be using other plugin like google analytics, firebase analytics?


Umesh Kulkarni


So this component is indeed old - but should still work. I will look at updating it in the near future. It currently is only going to work for the web. That being said, it should work as a template on how to use for mobile. Segment is just a javascript API so there is no reason it would not work. The one thing I really like about using segment is that it's one API to them  - and then you can connect it to lots of different back ends without other integrations needed.