Application availability for specific tenant's users


Is it possible to disable application for only specific tenant's users like below by OutSystems' multi-tenant capability?

For example,

User belongs toapp Aapp B
Tenant QAvailableAvailable
Tenant RAvailableAvailable
Tenant SAvailableNot available

I thought that Tenants tab of eSpace page of Service Center provides this capability.
But the disable setting on the eSpace page affected to environment wide.

Any information can help me.

If you are developing in Personal Environment, you can't expect the full experience of OS best practices. This is a free space for single developers to try functionalities but has a lot of limitations. It is not for teams to manage projects.

In Personal Environment you have a single server. The only way of having an isolated deployment is if you do it to Personal Area (web applications). And even those still share database so are not ideal.

Hello iamuramit,

Thanks for your commenting quickly.

Do you means PE is restricted around the multi-tenant capability?
As you wrote PE can have only one IT user.
However, I have confirmed PE can use multi-tenant and can have more than one application user.
And I did not ask about PE only...