Error while setting an if-condition in "Input Validation Exercise" in web development

Hi All,

I am going through the training courses available in Outsystems. While going through "Input Validation Exercise" in web development I have faced few errors while setting an if-condition. As I am still in the process of understanding Outsystems, Can anyone help me in solving this problem?

Description: I want to add the following condition in if widget:

MovieForm.Record.Movie.Year > Year(CurrDate()) and
MovieForm.Record.Movie.GrossTakingsAmount <> 0.

The errors are as below,

1) While I am adding the condition,


2) After adding a complete condition,

Hi Ankita,

The error is saying that you can't compare dates to integers.

it looks as if you have defined the year attribute in movie as date instead of integer.  Can you verify that ?