[OutSystems UI Web] Animated Label Issue when deleting text
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 24 Aug 2020

Hello guys! We've found a possible issue on the animated label. If i'm editing a field that already have a value and i delete it, the label stays on top of the next typed values. I'll attach some print screens so that you can see what i'm talking about.

1) Edit the listed value:

2) Delete the current Text Att

3) Type a new value

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Interesting! I didn't try, but asking, has this been reported to OutSystems?

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Thanks for sharing, we already have this on backlog to improve :)


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I have a combox where on change of the combo options the text box of Animated Label control is to be made blank. Using ajax refresh this is done but my Animated label just stops working. I am a complete newbie...just getting a gist of things...anyone got anyone solution or have faced a problem like this?

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Thanks Rui Mendes

My apologies if my problem statement was not clear. I did however find the solution. Let me try explain my query with the solution here below.
In the image below on the left is a combobox and on the right is an input using the animated label control

On change of Select Product the value in Loan Number had to be cleared. This was done using Ajax Refresh on the Loan Number input. The loan number input used to get cleared but the animated label functionality used to stop working.

The Ajax Refresh had to be set on the Animated Label Control by giving it a name and not on the input. That's when it will show up in the Widget. That's it. Hope this helps others. Thanks