Web: Published changes did not get committed

I'm working on a client project using their Outsystems 10, using on premise server and db (not the one in the cloud).

I tried publishing once and when the changes did not get committed, i tried to add a change to the UI such as adding in an extra text and re-published again. Still, the page did not show the change at all.

The only way i can "force" a change is to go to the service center and click on the publish button on the latest version to get it to reflect the change on the page.

What happened? What log do i need to provide you to troubleshoot?


If your publish fails in service studio, then there should be an error message in the true change window. Can you share that?



Hi EnthusiaticNewbie,

It should not be happen please check are you publishing in personal area if you publishing in public area then please check the log in service center after publishing.



To Daniël

The publish succeed all the time, there is no error. Hence the reason why i raised in this thread.

To Shashikant

How do i check if i am publishing in personal or public area since the setup is on premise? The only thing i am aware of, is that debugging can only works in public area. The system admin informed me not to use Personal area for debugging.

It will never happen with Outsystems. I think there should be some error in your application which will not make success full deployment of the application. It happens due to that scenario. Please check the error in the service center. you will get why it is not running. 

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you have to add a breakpoint to debug it in personal area and you will able to see if everything is working properly or not by checking the value of the parameter.

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To Sudip

I checked the log, there were publish success messages but no error was logged.

I placed a break point too, and it gave the old result.

This is why i was desperate and needed a solution from the forum. It is certainly more troublesome to have to go to service center to publish.