[Pushwoosh Plugin] Error Generating Android application

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Published on 7 Aug by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 7 Aug by OutSystems R&D


I have problem generating android apps with the following error:

Failed to install 'pushwoosh-cordova-plugin': undefined
Error: Failed to install Pushwoosh plugin. Reason: Configuration zip file not found.

We have followed all the necessary steps and naming convention.

Please help.





It seems you have not added the zip or maybe you didn't generate the zip correct or path of it.

Steps for Zip Generate & Importing in Project:

  1. Obtain the google-services.json from Firebase. The package name from the Google services must match the app identifier of the OutSystems application being built.

  2. Create a zip file containing the google-services.json in the root.

  3. Upload the "google-services.zip" file from the previous step to your OutSystems application and make sure to:

    • Set the "Name" as "google-services.zip"
    • Set "Deploy to Target Directory" as "google-services"

Refer below for complete configuration guide: