Getting 400 bad request in one signal


i am getting 400 bad request.i have done full configuration.i am getting below error

400 Bad Request

Environment InformationeSpaceVer: 0 (Id=498, PubId=0, CompiledWith=
RequestUrl: (Method: POST)
AppDomain: /LM/W3SVC/50/ROOT/Expense_Mobile-48-132109333149922447
FilePath: C:\OutSystems\Sandboxes\DXX33Z047\Platform Server\running\Expense_Mobile\
DeviceUUID: 930b4e3f4bd3e3d1
Locale: en-US
DateFormat: yyyy-MM-dd
PID: 19564 ('w3wp', Started='8/20/2019 4:01:37 PM', Priv=606Mb, Virt=2115634Mb)
TID: 22
Thread Name:
.NET: 4.0.30319.42000
DeviceModel: Moto Z2 Play
DeviceUUID: 930b4e3f4bd3e3d1
OperatingSystem: Android 8.0.0
NativeShell: 5.1.4
AppVersionCode: 15
AppVersionName: 0.1
NetworkStatus: Online
NetworkType: LTE
Cordova: 8.0.0
Client-Side Log
 System.Exception: 400 Bad Request
    at Object.a [as getException] (
    at XMLHttpRequest.g.onload (

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