Hello everyone,

My team has been tasked with building an "aggregator" that 

  1. Pulls information from multiple data sources (external databases) with each source having slight variations in data: different # of attributes, different item categorization etc. (to be perform through integration studio)
  2. Once information is pulled, it needs to transform and homogenize the information through applying data source level transformation (this would be done, through Service Studio)

My question is around step 1: One of the data sources is housed in Teradata, and I wanted to get some guidance on how to build an extension that connects with Teradata:

  • Is the process the same as creating an extension into any other external DB like Oracle or SQL Server?
  • Or, is there a different way to approach it?

I'm pretty well versed with the Service studio aspect of Outsystems, but new to Integration studio so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi Arpit,

Currently no such connector is available to connect to Teradata in Outsystems

but you can write .net code to achieve it (connect teradata, etc) and then integrate into Outsystems through Integration Studio will generate the xif

Hello Arpit, 

There are a few ways to achieve integration with external systems 

1) API Integration (REST or SOAP) via Service Studio

I have not had any experience in Teradata. 

A quick study indicates Teradata has REST APIs to integrate with it.

You can integrate this via Service Studio directly

2) Integration Studio  

If there are no forge components available then it is possible to connect to external systems via extensions written thru Integrations Studio. 

If there are .NET SDK/ Libraries available from Teradata, then one can create an extension (xif) file and write code in C# .Integration Studio provides you a Visual Studio .NET sln that you can directly open and write C# code. 

Note: There are a lot of forge extensions that you can install and see the code as to how to write extensions. 

Hope it helps !!!