Application not loading on IE11 Web


We have recently deployed an application on production with theme changed to the outsystems Base theme.This same application was working previously with the theme as pattern silk UI. Now we have completely removed its dependency and replaced it with base theme.
It is working great on Chrome and firefox and Safari too, but the application is absolutely not loading on IE 11.
It is giving error on console like :

The same error is coming on Firefox console but the application is still working.
However it is working on development environment too.
Our outsystems version is 11.0.422.0
Is there something that we must have missed to deploy or that we must deploy to make it work?
Or is this might be issue with some of the OS component version?
I cannot share the oml to reproduce this, since this is working on dev environment.

Please help!


Stefano Valente wrote:

Please read

Ramakrushnarao Seera has the solution you need.

Sorry Stefano,
But it didn't really help.
This application used to work earlier with same logics, but in the last deployment after the theme changed to base its at all not loading and giving this error.
Awaiting some reply from the outsystems development team.