Screen template is copying ExternalURL to target module

I was creating some basic screen templates to speed up our development and I end up relating List screen with other screen template for edit.

When I use one of the screen OS brings the other dependency too. Exactly what I want.

But I face some drawbacks:

If I use a navigation to ExternalURL within screen template on common flow or inside the screen templates flow when I use the template OS creates a second ExternalURL inside common2 flow or even inside the flow where I started adding screen via screen template.

After using some of this resources inside screen template when I use it, the flow where I started adding the new screen change it's name to "ScreenTemplates" as is in the Screen template module.

If I create more screens in a sequence then many ExternalURL elements are been copied

Doing more tests I see that the rename of flow in the target module only happen when there is the use of ExternalURL in my case.

The fact that the two screens have strong links between it are not causing the rename of flow, but with the use of ExternalURL then the rename occurs.

Hope someone can share some knowledge.

I don't found nothing in the default documentation.

Can you share a sample? I am not sure I can really understand without seeing your sample. Maybe try creating a very basic one.