Is it possible to have two search variables in one box. 

Example I want to search for both a specific group and a person 

So I will type "Tampa, Bob"

And the result will be any row with the words Tampa and Bob in it ?

I know how to do a search if the variable you pass is just "Tampa" or "Bob" that is easy.

Thank You

Hi Siavash,

i've come up with something, but it's a bit messy :-)

I'm using an aggregate with filters, and for every search word another filter is needed, so the amount of search words that can be used is limited by the amount of filters you put in...

Also, I didn't really know how to deal with the filter if there were less then 5 search words, so I now add "" as extra search words, that's an eyesore...

Consideration has also to be taken in choosing your delimiter(s), as they can not be searched for, so shouldn't appear in your database (often)

anyway, see attached oml, maybe it can serve as inspiration for your solution.



Hi Siavash,

You can use the string_split (with delimiter ",") action to separate the search variable in the GroupName and UserFullName filters.


Gustavo Gonçalves


@Dorine, thank you for the oml file. Very interesting how you implemented this. 

The string_split sorta worked so I will mark it as the solution

Thank you all for your help

Hi Siavash,

glad to help.  you do realise you marked your own answer as solution, right ?