We have On-Premise installations of 

  • OutSystems on Network-1 (publically accessible)
  • SAP on Network-2 (for intranet usage)

In this case, Network-1 and Network-2 are on two different forests with no-trusted relations (It has no connection with each other). During installation of OutSystems I installed SAP connector libraries, but unable to connect SAP as it was not publically exposed. 


Now the OutSystesm app needs integration with SAP, which require a SAP connection to be established.


  • Which kind of network connectivity between two networks are needed? 
    • (Extranet basedSite-to-site VPN tunnel from OutSystems IP addresses to SAP IP address with destination ports 80, 443 or 
    • does it need a normal connection with firewall permit

You should be able to connect successfully with a VPN, but not sure whether SAP will be available over ports 80/443. You would need to work with your network or SAP administrator to figure that out.

You might want to submit a support ticket to see if they can help with the correct configuration, but since you're in a self-managed environment, most of the work will be on your end, and isn't really specific to OutSystems, per se.