We have On-Premise installations of 

  • OutSystems on Network-1 (publically accessible)
  • SAP on Network-2 (for intranet usage)

In this case, Network-1 and Network-2 are on two different forests with no-trusted relations (It has no connection with each other). During installation of OutSystems I installed SAP connector libraries, but unable to connect SAP as it was not publically exposed. 


Now the OutSystesm app needs integration with SAP, which require a SAP connection to be established.


  • Which kind of network connectivity between two networks are needed? 
    • (Extranet basedSite-to-site VPN tunnel from OutSystems IP addresses to SAP IP address with destination ports 80, 443 or 
    • does it need a normal connection with firewall permit

You should be able to connect successfully with a VPN, but not sure whether SAP will be available over ports 80/443. You would need to work with your network or SAP administrator to figure that out.

You might want to submit a support ticket to see if they can help with the correct configuration, but since you're in a self-managed environment, most of the work will be on your end, and isn't really specific to OutSystems, per se.

On each SAP server that you will connect to with Direct Link, you need to open the following TCP/IP ports for inbound and outbound communication:

Port namePort numberComment
Dispatcher32<NN>Used by SAP GUI
Gateway33<NN>Used for RFC communication
Message Server

Cheers, Erwin

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