[Solution OSP] Are both design and data updated (overwritten) when publishing?

Just wanted to know if data are also overwritten when publishing Solution (OSP).

Thank you.



Hello Edwin, 

Regarding the data overwritten, the short answer: not because of the solution publishing. 

When you publish a solution, you are publishing new versions of the modules. Existing entities data is not changed because of this operation. 

But, for e, ample, if you deleted an entity previously and recreated it in the original environment, it will be a NEW table in the server, and so, in the other environment, in the new module version, you will see the new entity (possibly empty). The old data is still there in the database, as the table is not automatically deleted from database. 

Other situations can also have impact. 

What is your scenario, actually? 



Thanks, Eduardo!

What you said are the same with my initial thoughts, thank you for this confirmation.

I also wanted to have something in the forum about OSP solutions, that is why I asked this.

Thank you as always.