Exension with jar file issue

Hi ,

We have dev environment and facing 

Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

Issue description :  There is a jar outsystems.nosom_cache_helper_ehcache.jar which is used by some of the eSpaces . We are using java 1.6 version but this jar file always generating with compiled 1.8 java version . similar extension we have got from other environment and used but still the eSpace getting   nosom_cache_helper_ehcache.jar with 1.8 compiled version . we have removed all the jars during jar hell clean up but if we publish the eSpace the jar comes up with 1.8 version . 

Question is : how the jar files are generated ? is it using our machine java to generate during publish through service studio or somewhere else ?

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What version of the OutSystems platform are you using? 

Are you running on-prem (i.e. self-managed)?

Is this a web or mobile app?

When you say "we are using Java 1.6" where is that installed? On the developer's client machine, or the server where OutSystems platform is running (assuming on-prem)?