Content\Modal: 3 of them ... 3 different widths

Hi all !

I have 3 different Modals in my page: I would like to specify a specific width for all of them.

I'm using the .modal-wrapper {max-width: xyz px;} and it' working correctly ... on all of my divs.

I'm not able to find the way to specify:

- modal1 > width 600px

- modal2 > width 700px

- modal3 > width 800px

Can someone help me ?

Thanks !

Hello Luca,

I don't think I completely understood your problem,

Could you share with us OML or a printscreen?


Hi Luca, 

you can make use of extended class property, see attached oml.

You can add specific css classes to your screen or module for specific modals, just make sure that modal-wrapper css class comes before modal-wrapper-xxx, then xxx will override the other.

ask if anything is unclear,



thank you Dorine ! It is exactly what I have to do ...

I missed the part of "extended class" with the name of the class ...

Now it's perfectly clear !