Hi There,

Please help me to populate multi select Listbox.

1. I created aggregate list

2. select above in source record list

3. Source attribute, i selected aggregated column

4. but i am not seeing any in selection attribute (showing nothing).

Pleas suggest.


Hu Phani,

can you share the oml, that's quickest way to see what exactly you are doing

When you test the aggregate, is it returning rows ?



I think I understand what you're asking.

You don't get any possible attribute to use for the property "Selection Attribute".

The easiest trick for this, is to add an extra 'calculated' column to your aggregate, with for example the name 'IsSelected', and for example all rows a value of False (meaning none are selected on first rendering the screen).

You can then use this  as the Selection Attribute in your ListBox, and later on, when you are in some Action that you want to process the selection(s) made by the user, you can Filter out the selected ones by this attribute.

See as example attached oml.

Hope this helps,