Hi everyone,

I need to know in production witch web screens are not in use in order to delete deprecated code.

We need to have 6 months data collection because not of all applications are used everyday.

Any ideas?

Best regards.

You could check the Screen logs weekly, and collect information about screens that are being accessed. But a screen that hasn't been accessed in 6 months doesn't necessarily mean it's deprecated code, could simply be a feature that has a larger cycle (intensive use for 2 months and little to no use during the remainder of the year...

I'd say if your screens do not have any link to them (typically it's easy to follow these connections on the UI Flow diagrams) and no well known external usages (some screens exist for callback purposes, for instance, so there won't be any visible connection to them), then they are deprecated. But this would require code reviewing (and could be achieved even in Dev).