Display values in comboBox based on the previous ComboBox value


I need to display the values based on the values selected in previous comboBox,

Lets say:

If I select Food as Fruit it should show only the list of fruits in the subCategory ComboBox,,, and not other subCategories...

How to achieve this?



In the Screen action (onChange) of the first you do a refresh of the aggregate and ajax refresh of the second combobox.

You use the variable of the first combobox in the aggregate of the second combobox.


Hi Nandini,

For this scenerio  take one aggregate to contentent food list make another aggregate for subcategory which content subcategory for food and their food id for respective item

below image like 

after that bind food aggregate in one dropdown  and onchange action pass their foodid in subcategory aggregate for filter and these aggregate bind in subcategory dropdown and use ajax refresh for new data show


Hope this will help you.

Kind Regards

Rahul Sahu

 Thank you Stefano Valente and  Rahul Sahu...

I was trying but It didn't work as I was Passing wrong Id Thanks a lot:)