Integrating Beacons Plugin on OS11


I was trying to integrate the beacons plugin (found here - on OS11. Unfortunately when I try to build the apk I get this error:

This was working around a month ago. Both the application and the plugin were working without any issues and I did manage to register the beacons on the application. I didn't made any changes on the code but couldn't compile it anymore. Checked in the service center native platform logs and found this error:

Does anyone got a clue on this?


Hello Vitor, 

First you should publish this also here: at the support level. 

Second maybe this could help:

Sorry, but I don't know more to help you! Good luck

This component has got some major problems, isn't reliable and at a certain point made the process of generating a app completely unsuccessful due to errors in the plugin's repository.

One good perk is that there is a build-in notification system, which is very limited towards customization.