User is not taken to default login page

Hi All,

I have created a mobile application which has many screens in it. Earlier it used to start with the default login page. I was trying to make some changes in it so that I can add user registration page in that. But now when I publish the application, the login page is getting skipped. Can someone help me in identifying the error and solving it?

Thank you,


Hi Ankita Kulkarni,

Maybe you want to check if screen access roles are checked (to not allow anonymous accesses).

Another option, could be that you are already login and it stays in session?


Hi Ankita,

When you say it is being skipped, do you mean that the user is redirected to the Home screen directly? Could it be that you've left it, or another page, as Anonymous?

Hi Ankita,

If you have the anonymous option unchecked like Afonso Showed, you should also check the "On Exception Action" in commen to check if the Destination is correct. Also verify that there is no logged in user by log off, clearing your cache or open the application in incognito mode.

Hope these tips help!