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Published on 8 Aug by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 8 Aug by Renato Pauleta


In a project I'm working on, there's a need for the upload files dialog box to open as soon as the page with the component is opened. We tried click on a hidden button to trigger that behaviour, on both preparation and a script on page ready. Neither of the options is working, even though other buttons to perform other actions work perfectly on both options.

Any idea how we might be able to accomplish this with this component?

Thank you!

Hi Ana,

You can use the 'Widget_Click' action to bind with the button/link to change its behavior or to trigger it in preparation. Also, you can write the JavaScript to handle that behavior on its "onclick" in Extended Properties, Widget_Click would trigger the onclick that runs the JavaScript.


Hi Siddhant,

That's exactly what we did, but to no avail.
In the meanwhile we figured something else out, and it seems to be working.

Thank you anyway!