[Convert_Doc_Docx_To_PDF] GenerateDoc_Docx_To_Pdf action

Forge Component
Published on 2017-09-06 by Amit Verma
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Published on 2017-09-06 by Amit Verma

How do I use this action? Could you please add a demo project?

I tried the following:

But this gives

Anyone had this component working? Or have a alternative?

Hi Matthias,

I haven't used the component, but you might try to: 

1. use a path in SourceFilePath and DestinationFilePath instead of a filelocation.

2. Be sure that Upload1.Filename has the extension .doc or .docx. 

Kind regards,


Hi Matthias and everybody that is looking into this component,

I have debugged the extension and it is using the Office.interop.Word functionalities. Unless you have an Office installation running locally, this extension will not work. 

It is not recommended to install Office on a server, so this application is pretty useless for almost everyone.

Kind regards,