Datagrid checkboxes not handling dirty flag correctly

I have a datagrid set up that loads a set of records. One of the columns is "IsSelected", and if that is true  in the database, it should be checked. That part is working.

Once the grid is loading, checking a new checkbox, or unchecking one, should mark the cell as "dirty" to trigger the row save when the save button is clicked. Sometimes I have to check and recheck a box multiple times to get that to happen.

Then I tried adding and Event Trigger with an action tied to Cell Value Changed and the same column. Now, the screen action gets triggered, but only on the SECOND change state, not the first.

Help? Without this working, the control is unusable for me

Hi Mike,

Have you tried the Data Grid Sample demo, it also has a checkbox.  Do you see that same behaviour?  I just quickly tried it, and it seems to always capture my click immediately, earmark the cell as changed and update the database when sending changed, can't see anything wrong with it.  Maybe if this demo also works for you, you can then compare what you are doing with what they are doing.


OK, I'm looking at the sample, and I see the issue. I think its a bug, but maybe its expected behavior.

If I go to a checkbox field, and check the box, nothing happens. Only when I click into a different field, does it register that its now dirty. I think that's going to confuse users who just click the checkbox, and the save doesn't enable because it thinks there are no dirty records yet


I changed the name of the checkbox column from IsSelected to IsSelectedFeature, and it looks like the problem resolved. So maybe I was using a name that was effectively "reserved"