Android manifest - prevent keyboard from resizing viewport

 I am trying to use the manifest to prevent android virtual keyboard from resizing the viewport, but no luck so far. Here is the code:

"preferences": {
"global": [{
"name": "orientation",
"value": "portrait"
"ios": [{
"name": "KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction",
"value": "false"
"name": "StatusBarOverlaysWebView",
"value": "true"
"name": "StatusBarBackgroundColor",
"value": "#fff"
"name": "StatusBarStyle",
"value": "default"

        "name": "windowSoftInputMode",
        "value": "adjustNothing"


Is there annything wrong with my code?

I have also tried adjustPan and adjustResize and most recently windowFullscreen="true" but nothing seems to be doing any change.

So I was suggested to try a workaround that can be found here:

I havent tried it yet but I will leave it for future refence.