Cannot connect to the enviroment

Please have a look at the picture and help me out with this

I am not able to switch to my enviroment in service studio

Hello Jozy,

1. Check if the environment still exists and is awake (enter and login to see this).

2. If it is green, try to reach ServiceCenter and see if is everything ok with the environment.

3. If not, you can restart the services (Restart Personal)

4. If it is not reachable at all, it can be sleeping (just wake it) or if it was killed (too long since the last usage), you will have to request a new one.

On any other situation, you probably will have to open a ticket in the support.


i've tried all this but still not working

Hi Jozy,

In this case, being a Personal environment, I think you need to open a support ticket explaining the situation.

Click in Open Support Case in the account with problems: