Multiple Server Setting on Idp

Hi Everyone.

Is there any chance that IDP can handle 2 or more applications created in OKTA? I mean, I have 2 applications in OKTA (App1 and App2). Both will point to https://<my_site>/IdP/SSO.aspx and IDP manages the 2 diferent certificates to know which application we need to be redirected. I did not found anything on IDP to configure 2 or more Providers. I was thinking to clone IDP module and make some changes, but the logic is huge and we do not have the time to do it now.

Thanks in advance.

Alex Lima.

Hi Alex,

By default, Okta idp sso component provides only one SAML configuration. There is no other way than extending it.

Hello Alex, 

You can clone the IdP component. I already did it. You need to make a few changes as it uses some hardcoded paths, but other than that I think it is not too much trouble.