iOS 13 Dark Mode

With iOS officially releasing the Dark Mode setting for apps compiled for iOS13, will Outsystems be building in anything to help with this?  I can see there being a lot of work to determine if your application will look ok in dark mode, and having to write specific code or css to modify UI's based on the setting.  I know starting out you can define via a plist setting if your app supports the dark mode setting, but I could see Apple making it a requirement in future releases.

Hi Jason

As apps are rendered inside a webview using HTML, CSS and JS; and AFAIK do not use any native iOS graphic elements other than the webview, I do not think there will be a problem with designing for dark mode, though you will not be able to use this native functionality either.

Good question though! Hopefully someone from the OS team can confirm or deny my allegations.


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So a long time, no one from the OS team confirms this. So now I am facing the problem with dark mode.