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Published on 4 Apr by Marcos Galigarcia
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Published on 4 Apr by Marcos Galigarcia

Boa tarde; Eu tenho um Agregatte em uma preparação que possui vários filtros (Filter1, Filter2 ...) como definir por qual filtro os dados serão retornados? Obrigado.

Hi Jose,

I'm not sure I understand your question.  All the filters of the aggregate apply, only rows that fit all of them will be returned.  

Maybe you want the user to be able to decide for each filter if he wants to use it ?

so then for each filter you would have something like 

entity.attribute = searchValue or searchValue=" " 

so if user leave searchValue empty, all records are shown.

this example is for text attributes, for identifiers you would compare to nullIdentifier() for exmaple.


Hi Jose,

Did you solve your question using the Aggregates? The Dorine´s answer is some good way to apply filters on aggregates. 

I moved your question to the general forum because it is not related to Simple Reports component but for aggregates at all.