Menu Bar Tab Highlighting


Can anybody help with this issue, I am trying to find a method to highlight or colour tabs within the top menu bar.

I am building a screen with various tabs along the top and want to highlight/colour tabs which have warning flags set within the screen details.


Hi Mike,

Do you want to highlight the menu of a screen or tabpages ?

either way you need to define your css in a class or inline.

in extended properties you can then make it depend on a variable:

for instance:


if(var1 = true;"Background-color: red;","")

Hi Stefano,

Thanks for the response, it is the ability to highlight menu items. i.e 

Source Web Block    Common\Menu

ActiveMenuItemId    Entities.MenuItem.Status

So if there are fields within the 'status' screen which require attention the 'status' tab at the top of the overview screen would be highlighted or coloured. This way the user will know which tabs to open to complete the required fields etc.

Does this make it more clear?



Hi Mike,

I'm not sure I understand: by default the scaffolding of the menu will highlight the active Menu items and subitems - you've identified the mechanism correctly with the ActiveMenuItemId input. Do you want to add different highlights or different conditions to perform the highlight?

When you say that there are fields which require attention, do you think you could show us an example?

Sorry for the poor quality. If you look at the example screen to the left. The issues for the Incident screen are shown as flags. this will be similar for the other screens. What I want to be able to show is, if there were flags set on the 'status' screen the top tab named 'status' would be coloured so you would know there were flags set without opening the tab. 



Perhaps this will help:

We have had a menu with recordcounts on it, meaning: if there were items to handle it would say (5) in the menu (ofcourse with a nice webblock).

To do this you can use the preparation of your menu webblock and make an aggregation with your menu-tabledef and the table that can give you the count (group by). If you only want to mark your menuitem you can use this to add css to your menuitem.

If you need an example i might be able to do that, but not now because i am at work.


Hi Stefano,

Many thanks for your help with this!Mike