Service Center installation Error


I've encountered the following problem during Service Center installation on an Azure Server:

Having looked through the forums though, I thought it might me a ping issue, but I am actually able to ping both localhost and

All installers are of the most recent version. What could be the way to solve this?

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Check whether following Windows Service are started

- OutSystems Deployment Service

Thanks for a prompt response!

The service seems to be started though the error still occurs.

After deployment,  Deployment Service will access _ping.aspx to check whether espace is deployed correctly.

It seems your error occurred at that phase.

You'd better try access whether you can access /ServiceCenter/_ping.aspx via browser.

If NOT, Maybe your IIS is not started or configured properly

You can try iisreset to restart IIS.



Thanks again, Wei!

I'm getting the following for

So it seems the platform server is running. Could it be a security rules issue?

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It seems ServiceCenter deployed successfully.

So could you please check whether localhost are resolved to

  If not,  please resolve it to because this is systems requirement.

  If yes, please restart OutSystems Service and try again, sometime it works.

If it still not work, you'd better contact OutSystem support.

I had this problem. 

On my case I was installing OutSystems 10, on a Windows 2012 R2.

I forgot to add the "Web Server (IIS) Support" in the "Application Server Role Services page". Once I did this, it all started working.