Client error: hasAttribute null for dropdown select in if

I have a combo box with a dropdown select pattern attached. This combo box is contained within an if and is only shown when the user clicks on a button. What happens is when the user clicks the button, he sees an error as per title, that the hasAttribute is null. The widget works properly, just that this error is popping up. Is anyone facing the same issue/able to help?

Hi Rizki,.

Can you share the .oml or recreate the isolated problem in an .oml?

Did you make any customisation to the. Combobox?

You use Silkui or OutSystems UI?



Found the issue. Apparently the combo box starts with a "select" class automatically. I overwrote this class and that caused the error. Oops. 

I have had problems with the screen IF and events as well.

I had a button with a click event in an If and i found that when the button was not built after the preparation, the event wouldnt work after i used the ajax refresh.

Its not nice but this is why i prefer the Display:none. If i need the If i always use a submit and not a ajax submit.

Perhaps someone knows a better way to make this work?