Hi all.

I'm trying to consume SOAP service, one of "Unsupported Use Cases".

I did some test console C# app, and it working perfectly, But after preparing the solution with Integration Studio I have error in Outsystems:

"Could not find endpoint element with name "serviceSoap11" and contract "xxxxx" in the Servoce Model client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found fot your application, or because no endpoint element matchuing this name could be founds in the client element" 

I tried to add app.config to recources, but without any effect.

Hi Jakub,

Did you try to add the onbeforerequest and onafteresponse and debug from there?

I always do this to see more of whats going on.

As to your problem/issue: I can only guess you need more configurations than OS automatically did for you after entering the wsdl.

Have a look at this:


Good luck and keep us posted.