website scraping to access the outsystems website


I would like to scrap the website using curl command but whenever i use curl command with many possiblities, getting only the login page and unable to by-pass it further of expected page.

It looks like some authentication problem unable to login into it.

Kindly help me with possiblites to proceed further.

Hi Premavathi,

You've asked the same question some weeks ago.

Please don't open a new discussion on the same topic that you created before.

Then you could not get passed the login screen, you either needs someone with curl experience to help you, and also you can check if at all the screen is accessed by analysing the OutSystems logs in Service center.



Hi Daniel,

As discussed already, I have just post this by changing the forum as installation trouble shooting because you have guided me to contact who can help on curl.

So I was updating on it by changing the forum and all screen are accessible in Service Center.

Any chance to bye-pass it?